Fourth Intergovernmental Meeting between Sahtu Secretariat Inc. and GNWT

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News Release

NORMAN WELLS (May 11, 2017) – Cabinet Members of the 18th Legislative Assembly and Premier Bob McLeod met with the Sahtu Secretariat Incorporated Chairperson Ethel Blondin-Andrew, Sahtu Dene Council Chiefs, leaders of the Sahtu Land Corporations and Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę Government  in Norman Wells yesterday afternoon.

This was the fourth meeting of the Sahtu Secretariat Incorporated (SSI) and the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) since they signed the Intergovernmental Memorandum of Understanding on June 24, 2015.

The meeting focused on areas of mutual interest, including:

  • Update on Federal Territorial Provincial Meetings
  • National Indigenous Women’ s Summit
  • Truth and Reconciliation
  • Arctic Policy Framework & Northern Policy Development
  • GNWT Marine Services
  • Education
  • Small Community Employment Strategy and Apprenticeship Strategy
  • Mackenzie Valley Highway
  • Traditional Economy
  • Economic Measures
  • GNWT Housing Partnership
  • Health
  • Green Energy

Quick Facts

  • Strengthening relationships with Aboriginal governments is a priority of the 18th Legislative Assembly. 
  • The Intergovernmental Memorandum of Understanding recognizes the importance of the government-to-government relationship between the SSI and the GNWT.
  • The agreement commits both governments to meet at least twice per year.

For more information, contact:

Andrew Livingstone
Senior Cabinet Communications Advisor
Government of the Northwest Territories
867-767-9140 ext.  11091                                                                                                      

Dave Littl
Executive Director
Sahtu Secretariat Incorporated