Protocol Office

Protocol refers to the adherence to proper etiquette, precedence and customs governed by convention, including good manners and politeness. Protocol is used to facilitate the relationships between levels of government, nations, provinces and territories.

The Chief of Protocol for the Government of the Northwest Territories provides protocol services and advice. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating programs and logistics for upcoming official, working or private visits;
  • Organizing of or assisting with events, celebrations, dinners, trips, and briefings in support of official visits to the Government of the Northwest Territories;
  • Accompanying official visitors and providing assistance to ensure a successful visit to the Northwest Territories;
  • Providing  assistance when required and advisory service to other departments of the Government of the Northwest Territories regarding protocol-related matters;
  • Reviewing programs of events/ceremonies that involve the participation of the Premier of the Northwest Territories to ensure protocol services are met;
  • Coordinating and/or leading special events, significant anniversaries or commemorative years on behalf of the Government of the Northwest Territories; and
  • Providing notices when to half-mast the flag of the Northwest Territories

For any protocol related inquiries, please contact:

Protocol Office
Intergovernmental Relations
Executive and indigenous Affairs
P. O. Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT  X1A 2L9

867-767-9137, ext. 18072