Filing an appeal or complaint with the GNWT

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is committed to ensuring our residents are aware of the options available to appeal or lodge a complaint against an action, formal ruling or finding by a GNWT governing body.

An “appeal” refers to a legally binding decision made by a GNWT governing body. It specifically deals with an internal procedure where the decision in question may be reviewed.

A “complaint” relates to an occurrence when an individual is dissatisfied with the quality of the performance or service provided by a GNWT governing body.

How to file an appeal or complaint 

  1. If you are considering filing an appeal or complaint, contact the GNWT governing body. They may be able to answer questions, provide further explanation or help resolve your concerns. The GNWT governing body may attempt to help resolve the situation, if possible, prior to an appeal or complaint being initiated.
  2. If you are still not satisfied, request to initiate an appeal or complaint.
  3. Include all required details and clearly indicate the grounds of your appeal or complaint.
  4. Review the specific requirements of the process and attach all documentation required by the GNWT governing body (for example, medical reports, support letters, receipts).
  5. File your appeal or complaint in accordance with the process set out by the GNWT governing body.


You are encouraged to file your appeal or complaint within the timeframe indicated by the GNWT governing body.


In most cases, there is no fee to file an appeal or lodge a complaint with a GNWT governing body. You are encouraged to closely review appeal or complaint requirements of the GNWT governing body.

Regardless of the outcome of the appeal or complaint, you are responsible for any outside costs incurred respecting your appeal (for example, legal, accounting, and/or appraisal fees).

Serve your documents

Deliver your documents using the method specified by the GNWT governing body. If no method is indicated, you may deliver your documents by hand, courier, post or email. 

Once all materials are received, the GNWT governing body will initiate the process.

To follow up on the status of your appeal or complaint, you must contact the GNWT governing body. All appeals or complaints are handled confidentially.


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