Visual Identity Program Guidelines

Visual Identity Program Guidelines

One Government. One Voice.

The Government of the Northwest Territories’ (GNWT) visual identity is a visual shorthand; a cue the public can quickly associate with the GNWT and everything it represents. A strong, consistent, visual identity helps the people served by government to recognize, access, and trust government programs and services. Visual identity also helps government employees see themselves as part of a proud and unified organization, working together on behalf of citizens. Together, the external perception and internal cohesion created by the visual identity provides a strong foundation for the “one government” approach.

About this Guide

The purpose of these Guidelines is to ensure that our visual identity elements, colour palette and typography are consistently applied across all communication materials. Our guide is not intended to remain a stagnant document. We are continuously growing and developing, and so will our guidelines. Every aspect of the visual identity was created for a purpose. It is inspired by, and reflective of who we are as an organization, and of the people, land, and cultures of the Northwest Territories.

The visual identity was designed to convey the North’s energy; represented in the sun, wind, water, aurora borealis, natural resources and the spirit of our rich and diverse cultures. It tells a story of a strong, energetic, and united government.

Visual Identity Manual

View the Visual Identity Program Guidelines version 2.2 (Posted June 2018)

Changes in version 2.2 include:

  • Page 88 – 89 Uniform identity
  • Page 120-121 Executive Council stationery – Territorial Shield stationery is for use only by the Executive Council (Premier, Cabinet Members and Secretary to Cabinet)

Changes in version 2.1 include:

  • Page 86-87 Vehicle Guidelines

Visual Identity At a Glance

This document is a summary of key elements of the Visual Identity Program. View At a Glance (posted May 2017)

    Access to VIP Files

    Because we need to ensure that our visual identity elements are used appropriately, the VIP files are only available to vendors and GNWT communications staff on a password protected site. Contact your Departmental Communications for further information on the VIP.

    Those with access can download the VIP files by logging in to VIP files

    Need Help?

    The Department of Executive, Corporate Communications, is responsible for the administration of the Visual Identity Program for the Government of the Northwest Territories, and can also provide advice and assistance in applying the Program. Email