Concluding and Implementing Land Claim and Self-Government Agreements

NWT Core Principles and Objectives

The NWT Core Principles and Objectives (CPOs) are intended to ensure that the delivery of social programs and services throughout the NWT—either by Indigenous Self-Governments or the GNWT—will have the same fundamental characteristics.

Self-government agreements in the NWT result in Indigenous Self-Governments having law-making authorities in the same areas as the GNWT. Laws that can be enacted by Indigenous Self-Governments may result in those Indigenous Self-Governments delivering social programs and services. Indigenous Self-Governments and the GNWT are required to create their own standards that are compatible with the NWT CPOs when delivering certain social programs and services.

This technique, where Indigenous Self-Governments and the GNWT create standards that are compatible with NWT CPOs, allows each government flexibility when designing these social programs while also ensuring a basic level of consistency throughout the NWT. Indigenous Self-Governments can design programs in a way that is culturally relevant and reflects the circumstances and priorities of that government.

NWT CPOs have been developed for the following social program areas:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Income Assistance
  • Social Housing
  • Trusteeship
  • Guardianship
  • Child and Family Services
  • Adoption

The GNWT consulted Indigenous Self-Governments prior to establishing these NWT CPOs. The GNWT will also consult Indigenous Self-Governments prior to amending these NWT CPOs in the future.

For more information on CPOs, please contact the Indigenous Affairs unit with the Department of Executive and Indigenous Affairs.