Concluding and Implementing Land and Resources and Self-Government Agreements

Concluding and implementing land, resources and self-government agreements meets the interests of all resident of the Northwest Territories.   For Aboriginal people, these agreements clarify and provide certainty respecting their Aboriginal and treaty rights, land ownership and the implementation of the inherent right of self-government.   This in turn provides for strong, stable governance, a more secure climate for economic and resource development  and greater social well-being in NWT communities.

Land and resources agreements clarify and provide certainty respecting land ownership, whose rights and interests need to be considered when activities could impact the land, water or wildlife, and the rules for obtaining approval for developing or using land. 

Self-government agreements enhance self-determination by recognizing Aboriginal peoples’ authority to make laws and assume responsibility for the design and delivery of programs and services for their citizens in their communities.  Self-government also provides Aboriginal governments with greater tools to address their priorities, including advancing their social well-being and promoting and protecting their language, culture and way of life.