Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Family Information Liaison Unit

Family Information Liaison Units (FILUs) help families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls find information about what happened to their loved ones. Staff travel throughout the NWT to meet with clients, and you can call or visit our office in Yellowknife.

FILU staff are trained to find information from the RCMPcoroner service, courts, and other offices throughout Canada and the world. There is a FILU in every province and territory. We will help you get all of the information the law allows to be released to you about your loved ones, and we will treat you with dignity, compassion, and respect. Some of our clients may also want help from Elders, local counselors, and your local victim services worker.

FILU staff are part of the Gender Equity Division with the Government of the Northwest Territories.

While we cannot resolve complaints, re-open investigations, or provide legal advice, we can connect you to the right resources for information and help.