Open Government

Open Dialogue

The Open Government Policy defines Open Dialogue as:

Open Dialoguea range of interactive engagement activities that facilitate and support the meaningful contribution of ideas, insights and expertise of residents, communities, and organizations into government decision-making processes.

The GNWT is committed to engaging with the public in different ways to get input on the government policies, programs and services that affect the daily lives of NWT residents. Feedback obtained through public engagement is one of the factors that can contribute to the development and improvement of government programs and services and decision-making. Meaningful public engagement requires the effective sharing information and data, and making use of innovative technologies to deliberate and collaborate with NWT residents.

The GNWT regularly undertakes public engagement across the territory to engage with residents on important initiatives. Significant public engagement initiatives have taken place to date on topics like the energy strategy, the climate change strategy, carbon pricing, cannabis legalization, the mineral resources strategy and Open Government.

The Open Government Policy provides for the development of directives and guidelines that will create consistency in the GNWT’s public engagement efforts by providing guidance to departments around:

  • adoption of a public engagement model to assist in selecting engagement activities and methods based on the determined objectives of the engagement process, as well as the time frames, resources, and levels of concern in the decision to be made;
  • a process to seek input from the public in designing how they are engaged to ensure approaches are relevant, meaningful, and appropriate;
  • a central portal for information on previous, current, and upcoming public engagements to improve access to government public engagement initiatives;
  • a reporting approach to account for how public views have influenced government decisions; and,
  • a process for addressing issues related to public engagement processes and the public engagement portal based on public feedback.