Mandate Letters

Consensus government in the Northwest Territories depends on a collective commitment by all Members of the Legislative Assembly to work together, within their respective roles, openly and cooperatively.

Cabinet is responsible for the implementation of the Mandate of the Government of the Northwest Territories in order to advance the priorities set by all Members of the 19th Legislative Assembly. 

Ministerial mandate letters provide more specific direction to each Minister on their individual responsibilities for carrying out the priorities of the 19th Legislative Assembly and the commitments identified in the Mandate of the Government of the Northwest Territories: 2019-2023. The letters also include specific priorities that allow for performance to be measured.

Since 2012, the letters have been made public to reflect the commitment to make government more open and transparent, as stated in Cabinet’s Guiding Principles. By making them public, it allows for Members of the Legislative Assembly, (MLAs), the media, and the public to hold Cabinet accountable for the work they’ve committed to completing. 

19th Legislative Assembly

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