Public Safety

How will the legislation protect me and my family?

The Cannabis Smoking Control Act is intended to protect the public, particularly children and youth, from second hand smoke exposure, and to mitigate the risk of increased normalization.

The GNWT has chosen a “Tobacco +” model to regulate smoking cannabis in the NWT. This means that cannabis products cannot be smoked in places where tobacco products cannot currently be smoked, and areas frequented by children, youth and crowds such as playgrounds and sporting fields.

Will there be signs to indicate locations where smoking will be banned?

The legislation authorizes the Minister of Health and Social Services to approve, supply, and post signage that notifies the public where smoking cannabis is prohibited.

What is the GNWT doing to support residents to make informed and responsible decisions when it comes to using cannabis?

The GNWT is supporting residents to make informed and responsible decisions around cannabis use in a variety of ways. Public education and awareness efforts that are underway or being developed include:

As implementation rolls out, the GNWT will continue to market to and reach out to its residents on responsible cannabis use.

Are you training doctors who prescribe medical marijuana?

Every NWT physician receives funding annually for continuing medical education, as does the Northwest Territories Medical Association.