The Implementation Division is responsible for facilitating the implementation of GNWT obligations and activities pursuant to land, resources and self-government agreements, and for monitoring the ongoing implementation of claims on behalf of the GNWT.  The division represents the GNWT on trilateral implementation committees associated with each of the settled agreements, which are tasked with monitoring and coordinating the overall implementation of agreements.  Generally, each party to an agreement nominates a representative to the implementation committee.  The Implementation Division is also responsible for developing and renewing implementation plans, financing agreements and joint program and service delivery arrangements and associated agreements/plans/arrangements dealing with land, resources and self-government agreements.

In fulfilling this role, the division provides support, information and guidance to GNWT departments on matters related to treaty implementation, and relays successes and challenges encountered by the GNWT in fulfilling its obligations to its treaty partners. This oversight helps to ensure that the GNWT’s one-time and time-specific obligations are completed and that ongoing obligations continue to be respected and fulfilled.