Relations with Federal, Provincial, Territorial and International Governments

International Governments

The Government of Canada holds primary responsibility for international relations. However, the GNWT takes part in a number of international, particularly circumpolar, activities.

Arctic Security Interdepartmental Working Group

The issue of Arctic sovereignty and security is of significant importance to the Northwest Territories. The GNWT participates in the Arctic Security Interdepartmental Working Group, which provides a biannual forum where representatives share information on sovereignty and security matters.   

The Arctic Council

The Arctic Council is an international forum with eight circumpolar nation members (Canada, the United States, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Russia) and participation by six international Aboriginal organizations (Aleut International Association, Arctic Athabascan Council, Gwich’in Council International, Inuit Circumpolar Council, Raipon and The Saami Council) as Permanent Participants. It provides a forum to address the common concerns and challenges faced by Arctic governments and peoples.