Strengthening Relations with Indigenous Governments

Intergovernmental Council

A key feature of the Devolution Agreement is the establishment of an Intergovernmental Council to allow the public and Aboriginal governments to cooperate and collaborate on matters related to lands and resource management.

The Intergovernmental Council provides an important new opportunity for northern leaders to cooperate on land and resource management across jurisdictions, while respecting the autonomy and authority of each government over its own lands. The Council is established by the Northwest Territories Intergovernmental Agreement on Lands and Resources Management. The goal of the Intergovernmental Council is to work together to explore ways to coordinate their respective land and resource management practices, share capacity, and avoid duplication.

Members of the Intergovernmental Council include:

The Intergovernmental Council held its inaugural meeting on September 19, 2014.  The second meeting of the Intergovernmental Council was held on September 3, 2015. The Intergovernmental Council meets once a year.