Advancing Gender Equality Issues

Gender-Based Analysis

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has committed to conducting gender based research and analyses of public policies to better address the needs of all women in the NWT. The Government of the Northwest Territories supports the cultural, economic, political and social participation of women in our territory. The Minister participates in meetings with the FTP Ministers responsible for Status of Women. At this forum, a Gender Based Analysis (GBA) Task Team has been created to advance the implementation of GBA across the country. The GNWT is a member of the GBA Task Team.  Even though the GNWT has struggled with the capacity to address gender-based analysis, this role is providing the GNWT with a great opportunity to learn from other governments about what is being done in this area.The GNWT is one of the few jurisdictions with no formal training or publications on GBA. There is an expectation that the GNWT will take this opportunity to learn from other jurisdictions and implement its own GBA framework.

The GBA Task Team has developed a cross jurisdictional scan on GBA and is looking at creating opportunities for Senior Officials to share common experiences, best practices, challenges and possible solutions for the implementation of Gender Based Analysis. They are responsible for advancing women’s equality issues both within and outside the NWT. They also provide support and advice on women’s equality issues for the whole of the GNWT and works within a legislative and policy framework including the Status of Women Council Act and the Equality for Men & Women in the NWT Policy.

In October 2004, the GNWT developed an action plan on family violence The Government of the Northwest Territories Response to the Action Plan on Family Violence (2003-2008) – A Framework for Action. In this action plan there was a commitment to develop tools and training and implement Gender Equity Analysis across the GNWT.