Advancing Gender Equality Issues

Status of Women Council of the NWT

About the Status of Women Council

The Status of Women Council of the Northwest Territories (the “Council”) was established under the NWT Status of Women Council Act in April 1990. Its mandate is to work towards the political, social and economic equality of all women in the NWT.

The Council achieves this by:

  • Providing advice to the Minister and assistance in promoting changes to work towards the equality of women;
  • Reviewing politics and legislation affecting women and reporting on its finding;
  • Conducting research and public education campaigns on issues affecting women;
  • Providing assistance to organizations and groups in promoting equality for women.

The GNWT provides core funding for the operations of the Council.  The Minister is responsible for the appointment of members on the Council as well as designating the president and vice-president. The Council submits annual reports to the Minister which are tabled at the Legislative Assembly.

If you are interested in serving on the Status of Women Council of the NWT, please complete the Application Form and submit it to Elizabeth Biscaye, Director, Gender Equity Division via email at