Advancing Gender Equality Issues


Status of Women Council Act (1990)

The Act establishes the Status of Women Council of the Northwest Territories (the “Council”) which represents the women of the Northwest Territories and their diversity. The Council meets at least twice a year and before July 1st of each year. The Council submits to the Minister an annual report and the Minister tables the report received before the Legislative Assembly within a prescribed timeline. The Minister is also responsible for the appointment of members and designating the presidents and vice-presidents.

The Council’s powers include:
  • Receive and hear submissions and suggestions from individuals and groups concerning the status of women

  • Research matters and suggest research areas relating to the status of women

  • Recommend and participate in programs concerning the status of women

  • Recommend legislation, policies and practices to improve equality of opportunity for women and to improve the status of women

  • Publish any reports, studies or recommendations that the council considers advisable and present reports to the Minister to be tabled at before the Legislative Assembly

Equality of Men and Women in the Northwest Territories

This Policy makes the commitment that the GNWT will actively support and encourage the participation of women on an equal basis with men in all aspects of society in the NWT. The Policy also states that the GNWT will support international conventions on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women to which the Government of Canada is a party and is committed to the fundamental rights, freedoms and guarantees of equality set out in Canadian and NWT statutes.

Through this Policy, the Minister may:

  • Recommend strategies to the Executive Council on issues affecting the status of women including overall government action plans concerning the equality of women recommend legislation concerning the equality of women and men

  • Advise Ministers on policy objectives and programs of departments which affect the status of women

  • Review progress reports of departments implementing approved action plans