Concluding and Implementing Land and Resources and Self-Government Agreements

Current Negotiations

Aboriginal rights negotiations are underway in all regions of the NWT as Aboriginal governments seek to confirm their Aboriginal and treaty rights in the NWT. The GNWT, as a full partner to these negotiations, continues to promote workable and affordable agreements that respect Aboriginal rights. The GNWT is presently engaged in the following sets of negotiations:

Transboundary Negotiations

  1. Ghotlenene K’odtineh Dene (formerly Manitoba Dënesuliné)

  2. First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun

  3. Athabasca Dënesuliné

Self-Government Agreements

  1. Gwich'in

  2. Inuvialuit

  3. Nihtat Gwich'in

  4. Sahtu Dene and Métis of Colville Lake

  5. Sahtu Dene and Métis of Fort Good Hope

  6. Sahtu Dene and Métis of Norman Wells

  7. Sahtu Dene and Métis of Tulita

Land, Resources and Self-Government Agreements 

1.    Acho Dene Koe First Nation

2.    Akaitcho Dene First Nations

3.    Dehcho First Nations

4.    Northwest Territory Métis Nation