Concluding and Implementing Land Claim and Self-Government Agreements

Acho Dene Koe First Nation

Negotiation Type

Land, Resources and Self-Government Agreement

Negotiation Parties

  • The Acho Dene Koe First Nation (ADK) 
  • Government of Canada
  • Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT)

Map of the Asserted Territory


Negotiators for the Acho Dene Koe First Nation (ADK), the GNWT and Government of Canada are currently negotiating a Final Land and Resources Agreement. An Agreement-in-Principle (AIP) was signed February 5th, 2014.

The Framework Agreement, which was signed on July 14, 2008, commits the parties to a two-phased approach to negotiations. The Phase One Final Agreement will focus on land and resources, while the Phase Two Final Agreement will focus on self-government.

  • The Phase One AIP will form the basis for concluding a Phase One Final Agreement. The Phase One Final Agreement will address land and resources in the Northwest Territories including title to settlement lands, financial transfers and will set the structure of government for ADK citizens.
  • Phase Two negotiations, which can begin after 10 years following the effective date of the Phase One FInal Agreement (or earlier if parties agree), will address other matters not covered in the Phase One Agreement, such as social envelope jurisdictions (e.g. education, housing, adoption, and social services).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the Acho Dene Koe First Nation?
The Acho Dene Koe First Nation represents the descendants of the Dene of Fort Liard, as set out in the Acho Dene Koe First Nation membership list, who used and occupied the Acho Dene Koe First Nation asserted area before July 17, 1922.

2. Who are the parties involved in the negotiations? 
The parties are the ADK, the GNWT and the Government of Canada. 

3. Why are the Parties negotiating?
The parties are negotiating a comprehensive land claims agreement to provide clarity and certainty to the land, resources and self-government rights of the ADK within the Northwest Territories.

The final agreement will provide certainty respecting ADK rights to lands and resources and will set out the structure of the ADK Government in the NWT. The ADK also asserts rights in both British Columbia and Yukon Territory and may calrify those rights through negotiations with the governments of Canada, British Columbia, and/or and Yukon.

4. What are the negotiations about?
Phase One negotiations will include land selections, financial payments, harvesting (plants, trees, wildlife, fish and migratory birds), and governance. Now that a Phase One Agreement-in-Principle (AIP) has been reached, land selection and the remaining legal and technical details will be negotiated to complete a Phase One Final agreement.

Phase Two negotiations will include social envelope jurisdictions related to self-government. The Framework Agreement sets out the basis for entering into Phase Two negotiations, which could begin 10 years after concluding the Phase One Final Agreement. 

5. What stage are the negotiations at? What is the next step in the negotiation process?
The ADK Phase One AIP is now completed. The agreement was approved and signed by the Parties in February 2014. Negotiations have started towards the completion of a Phase One Final Agreement.  The next step will be for the parties to finalize the text of the ADK Phase One Final Agreement.