Ensure climate change impacts are specifically considered when making government decisions

Government decisions should consider the full range of impacts of climate change, including changes in the natural environment and the associated increase in needs and costs related to infrastructure and concerns related to human health, food security, and cultural well-being. Decisions should also be informed by potential economic development opportunities related to climate adaptation.

This work will be led by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in collaboration with the Department of Executive and Indigenous Affairs and the Department of Finance.

What we will do:

1. Integrate climate change considerations and improve accountability in GNWT decision-making processes

How we will do it:

1.a. GNWT decision-making tools updated to ensure they include climate change considerations

1.b. As a part of annual reporting on the Climate Change Action Plan, identify all climate change considerations in GNWT decision-making processes

How we will demonstrate progress:

1.a. Decision-making practices demonstrate consideration of climate change impacts (Fall 2020)

1.b. Annual report tabled in the Legislative Assembly (starting Fall 2021)