Improve early childhood development indicators for all children

A positive early childhood increases a child’s prospects for success later in life. Investments in early childhood can lower education costs, reduce crime rates and improve self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

This work will be co-led by the Department of Education, Culture and Employment and the Department of Health and Social Services.

What we will do

1. Ensure better coordinated services for children and their families

2. Ensure our programs and services respect the cultural needs of children and youth

3. Provide greater supports for parents

How we will do it

1.a. Implement a child focused and family centered approach to improving early childhood outcomes by strengthening collaboration among departments and service providers to integrate service delivery

2.a. Implement the recommendations from the Healthy Family Program review including developing a made in the North curriculum for the program

3.a. In collaboration with Indigenous governments, community governments, and other stakeholders expand community based and family friendly programming

3.b. Streamline early childhood development funding across government by instituting multiyear funding and exploring the establishment of “single window” funding for grants that promote parenting and early childhood development

How we will demonstrate progress

1.a. Stakeholder engagement begins (Fall 2020); Integrated service delivery approach developed (Fall 2021); and Wait times for access to assessment and rehabilitation services for children reduced (starting Winter 2021)

2.a. New curriculum, evaluation and reporting criteria developed (Summer 2021); Training provided for Family Support Workers (starting Fall 2021); and Families report satisfaction with the Healthy Family Program (ongoing)

3.a. Availability of community based family friendly programming identified and increased (starting Summer 2020)

3.b. Single window for grants is established, monitored and progress reported on (starting Spring 2021); and Early Development Instrument (EDI) results improved