Ensure government procurement and contracting maximizes benefits to residents and businesses

Government procurement and contracting is a source of economic activity throughout the NWT, and residents and businesses should benefit as much as possible.

This work will be led by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment with support from the Department of Infrastructure and the Department of Finance

What we will do

1. Strengthen GNWT procurement policies and practices

2. Increase awareness of GNWT contracting opportunities

3. Improve participation in BIP by NWT companies

How we will do it

1.a. Work with NWT businesses to identify recommendations to strengthen GNWT procurement policies and practices, including the Business Incentive Policy (BIP), P3 projects and the Northern Manufactured Products Policy (NMPP)

1.b. Review existing policies and procedures to ensure timeliness of payments 

2.a. Increased training and open forums for vendors with special focus on the delivery of more procurement workshops

2.b. Provide a one-stop shop for vendors online

3.a. Actively encourage and support NWT businesses in applying for BIP status

How we will demonstrate progress

1.a. Procurement policies and practices are updated (Summer 2020 – Summer 2022)

1.b. Standard Processing times for GNWT contractors reported (Fall 2021)

2.a. Plan to increase training and provide forums developed (Summer 2021); and Number of training and open forums increased (Fall 2021)

2.b. Utilization of  the one-stop shop for vendors online tracked and increased (Fall 2020 – Fall 2022)

3.a. The number of BIP registered businesses increased by 20% (Fall 2022)