Increase the number of affordable homes and reduce core housing need

To ensure the success and well-being of people and families, the number of NWT residents with adequate, affordable, and suitable housing must be increased.

This work will be led by the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation.

What we will do:

1. Increase the stock of quality, energy-efficient and affordable housing, especially for vulnerable persons by 100 units over four years.

2. Transition 100 individuals/families to home ownership

How we will do it:

1.a. Work with partners including the federal and Indigenous governments to increase funding for housing programs

1.b. Work with private sector and Indigenous governments to improve the availability of private market and public housing options

1.c. Address home repair barriers to assist low income seniors and disabled individuals age in place

1.d. Improve the availability of educational resources, building materials and repair services in remote communities

2.a. Increase options to sell or lease-to-own existing housing units

How we will demonstrate progress:

1.a. New funding is secured for housing programs (beginning Winter 2020)

1.b. An average of 25 units built per year, over four years (2020-2023)

1.c. New policy is implemented to allow seniors and disabled individuals to access housing repairs (Summer 2021)

1.d. Educational resources for home repairs are developed (Winter 2021); Building repair and material planning completed (Summer 2022); and residents in at least 3 remote communities are better able to access local building supplies and repairs (Fall 2023)

2.a. Lease-to-own policy developed and promoted (Winter 2020); and an average of 25 lease-to-own/home ownership agreements signed per year, over four years (2020-2023)