Increase student education outcomes to the same level as the rest of Canada

The NWT education system will require modernization and fundamental changes to focus resources and system wide efforts on student learning and well-being.  Students should have access to a high quality education regardless of the community they live in or the size of their school.

This work will be led by the Department of Education, Culture and Employment.

What we will do

1. Work with Indigenous governments, community governments, families and partners to identify and begin to address the impediments to student success and promote the value of education

2. Address concerns about social passing

How we will do it

1.a. Modernize the Education Act and review the education funding framework in consultation with stakeholders

1.b. Ensure distance learning opportunities are available in all NWT small communities

1.c. Implement a pilot program to support training for classroom assistants

2.a. Implement new programming to assist schools and parents when making decisions about student placement, promotion to the next grade, or retention

How we will demonstrate progress

1.a. Education Act updated

1.b. All small communities have access to distance learning

1.c. Program developed (Winter 2020); and Pilot project implemented (Spring 2021)

2.a. Programming implemented, monitored and progress reported to guide actions to address social passing concerns (2021-2022 school year)