A message from the Premier of the Northwest Territories

I am pleased to present the Government of the Northwest Territories’ Mandate for the 19th Legislative Assembly.

This mandate reflects the 22 priorities set by all members of the Legislative Assembly based on what Members heard from their constituents. The mandate will help guide and focus our work to deliver on the priorities over the term of this government. It describes what we will do, how we will do it, the time we think it will take, and how we will measure success.

The mandate, however, cannot be delivered alone. Teamwork and collaborative partnerships will be essential to meeting many of the actions and creating the lasting and meaningful change we are all seeking. We recognize the importance of dedication from the public service and how critical it will be to work closely with Indigenous governments, community governments, federal and inter-jurisdictional governments, and all Members of this Legislative Assembly. We recognize the need to build and strengthen relationships with non-government organizations, the private sector, and residents throughout the North. By working together on areas of shared priorities, we will advance our objectives and better serve the people of the Northwest Territories.

The job of this government is to help make improvements in the lives of the people we serve, and residents expect to see results. We will therefore track progress on the mandate commitments and table an annual report on all actions and results to date. Of course, not every action we will take to advance the mandate can be covered in this document, and there remains critically important work to be done that is not specifically addressed in the priorities. We will therefore also report further actions of significant interest, including important measures taken to address matters beyond the Legislative Assembly’s priorities.

We also recognize that to better report and meaningfully measure progress, in many cases, we need to establish indicators and improve program evaluation. The work we do towards the ambitious goals set in this mandate will include the  stablishment of new indicators and a greater focus on program evaluation.

My Cabinet colleagues and I are committed to serving the people of the Northwest Territories and building a better future for all of us, in keeping with the priorities that have been expressed to us. I look forward to working with Members of the Legislative Assembly, our partners, and hearing from the people about how this government is making a difference.


Caroline Cochrane