Increase the number of resident health care professionals by at least 20 percent

To be understood and receive the best care, people require an ongoing relationship with their health and social services professionals.

This work will be led by the Department of Health and Social Services.

What we will do

1. Reduce the number of vacancies and the reliance on locums.

How we will do it

1.a. Work with employees and partners to identify the factors contributing to retention challenges and make recommendations.

1.b. Establish a dedicated health and social services recruitment team for the NWT.

1.c. Review and implement renewed recruitment and retention strategies, policies and practices, including staff surveys.

1.d. Implement comprehensive labour force planning for health human resources to identify demand and develop career pathways for key health and social services professions.

How we will demonstrate progress

1.a. Review completed (Fall 2020)

1.b. Dedicated recruitment team established (Winter 2020)

1.c. New recruitment and retention strategies implemented and monitored and progress reported on (Winter 2020)

1.d.  Labour force planning implemented and monitored  and progress reported on (Spring 2021)