Make strategic infrastructure investments

These projects will provide the foundational infrastructure to support an improved quality of life and lower cost of living for NWT residents, as well as support the expansion and diversification of the economy.

This work will be led by the Department of Infrastructure with support from the Department of Industry Tourism and Investment, and the Department of Finance.

What we will do:

1. Advance the development of the Mackenzie Valley Highway (MVH), the Slave Geological Province Corridor (SGPC) and the Taltson Hydro Expansion (Taltson) project

2. Support the development of fast and reliable broadband internet services for NWT communities

3. Modernize NWT airport infrastructure

How we will do it:

1.a. Establish collaborative partnerships with Indigenous governments

1.b. Undertake work required for the Environmental Assessment and regulatory processes for the MVH and the SGPC 

1.c. Develop the business case for the Taltson project.

1.d. Undertake work to enable Taltson project environmental and regulatory processes. 

1.e. Undertake work to enable a construction decision on Taltson project. 

1.f. Work with the Federal Government to secure funding for large infrastructure projects

2.a.  Complete Inuvik – Tuktoyaktuk fiber link.

2.b. Work with the federal government and private organizations to secure funding 

2.c. Advance work to support fast and reliable broadband internet services in all NWT communities

3.a  Complete construction of a new terminal building, runway extension and drainage upgrade at the Inuvik airport

3.b. Complete runway and drainage upgrades in Sachs Harbour, Sambaa K’e, Aklavik and Hay River airports

3.c. Implement Airport Master Plans to ensure airports meet the needs of communities and regions

How we will demonstrate progress:

1.a. Partnership agreements completed, implemented, monitored and progress reported on (Fall 2020)

1.b. Work completed and submitted for MVH (Fall 2023); and Work completed and submitted for SGPC (Winter 2024)

1.c. Business case completed and submitted (Spring 2020)

1.d. Work completed and submitted (Winter 2024)

1.e. Work completed and submitted for decision (Fall 2024)

1.f. Funding for construction of each project secured prior to construction starting (ongoing)

2.a. Fiber link completed (Fall 2022)

2.b. Funding secured (Fall 2021)

2.c. Business cases completed for 3 communities (Summer 2021); and All Business cases completed for communities not yet connected to fiber (Winter 2022)

3.a. Construction completed (Fall 2024)

3.b. Construction completed (Fall 2024)

3.c. Plans implemented,  monitored and progress reported on (ongoing)