Schools and Students

Will cannabis become part of the curriculum at school?

Currently education related to cannabis use is part of the ‘Alcohol and Drugs’ unit in Kindergarten to Grade 9. It is also included in the high school Career and Life Management course ‘Personal Choices’ module.  Substance use, which will include the topic of cannabis, will be included in the renewed NWT K-9 health curriculum materials.

How will schools be managing student cannabis use?

Restricting youth access to cannabis and protecting young people from promotion or enticements to use cannabis is a priority for the GNWT.

In anticipation of the legalization of cannabis, the Departments of Health and Social Services and Education, Culture and Employment are working together to develop a public awareness campaign for students.

The Department of Education, Culture and Employment is working with Education Bodies and the Department of Health and Social Services, to develop educational resources and policy based on the proposed cannabis legislation, in order to have it in place and ready to share with students and teachers at the start of the 2018/19 school year.